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With very low startup costs and a simple commission model is easy to set-up, and easy to use.

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Build Your Own Booking Engine. Just 10 Minutes
Just walk-through a series of forms. We collect your business name, location, room types, rates, rules etc. In just 10 minutes you'll have a fully configured booking engine you can link to your web site. Get started now...

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Let Us Do It For You. Just an Email Away!
If you would prefer to have our experts build your booking engine entirely free of charge, just drop us an email. We'll have you up and running in no time. Contact Us now..

A live Demonstration of BookingMate in action
To trial BookingMate as a a user would on your web site just follow the instructions below;

This hotel booking engine is running in demo mode and will automatically use a test credit card number. Enter any future date for card expiry. If you use your correct email address you will receive a copy of the instant confirmation email just as a customer would when booking on your own web site.

Try iBooking now by making a test booking at our test hotel.
Click the image below to see how the online booking engine will work on your own site.

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Contact us if you would like a trial of BookingMate for your own web site.