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How Much Do we Charge?

Try BookingMate free today and get the world's best hotel booking engine for 30 days without any charges. No need for any payment details and no contracts to sign.  If you want to keep BookingMate after 30 days pay just 4% on confirmed and completed bookings.

Free setup. Free support. Free lifetime upgrades. Pay just 4% on confirmed bookings only AFTER your guest has stayed. Simple and fair pricing. Always.    Your Hotel Booking Engine on Your Web Site

Pay for Performance
We believe that we should only profit when our product delivers results. That's why BookingMate is offered on a commission-only basis, or a monthly fee basis. Since 2003, we've been fully committed to this model and continue to grow our base of happy and loyal customers worldwide. We're dedicated to developing BookingMate on the basis of continual improvement. Every month, we roll out features and enhancements that make the product easier to use, more fully featured, and generally driving forward to ensure we give our customers the best possible booking engine for the hotel web site. Just consider what we're offering; In short, you only pay commission on confirmed business. Our commission rate for new customers is just 4%.

Your success is our success. We are driven to making BookingMate work for your business. That's why there are no longer term contracts, no hidden fees - no suprises. Just a proven product that's easy to get started with, and easy to use. Try it by creating your account today.

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