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Features Tour - The easy to use, yet hugely powerful secure back office
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Back Office control panel provides an overview of upcoming bookings and quick links to regular tasks. Each booking is confirmed instantly to you and your customer by email, fax and/or SMS Your secure back office area gives a permanent record of all customers and bookings. View on-screen or export to Excel.

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A simple calendar view gives an overview of all bookings. Complete details are stored securely for quick access to customer bookings. Colour coding shows booking types - internally placed or from your web site. Editing your allocations or closing all rooms is a snap - and takes seconds with a simple visual overview. Unlimited control over seasonal rate variations. Defining a new seasonal rate - then apply it to the calendar.

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BookingMate lets you export or view a variety of customer and booking reports. A great way to monitor your business over time. Everything is stored in one place under your control. Upsell your customers at the time of booking. Configure any number of booking extras. Instantly publish messages on your booking engine. For example, remind your customers to let you know of any special requests for their booking.

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Don't want single night bookings on a Friday? Not a problem. iBooking has a simple to use rules engine. No need to change the way you run your business. Extend your booking engine to partners with the Discounts feature. Unique codes can trigger either percentage or fixed price discounts. A great marketing tool. An inbuilt messaging centre allows you to send SMS and fax messages to customers.

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Promotions are a powerful way to increase bookings. BookingMate can cope with a huge variety of promotion types. Instantly tell your customers with live promotion publishing. Configure your account your way. You control languages, currencies, notification types and much more. Sell as many meal plan types as you want. Room Only, B + B, Full Board etc. It's all under your control.

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Add as many room types as you need. Control the number of rooms on offer with 2 clicks.    

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