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BookingMate customers are in the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, The Caribbean, Portugal, Romania, Germany with more being added all the time. More than 700 hoteliers trust BookingMate to power their online booking needs.

West Ham Hotel - a Customer

West Ham Hotel, London are a customer...

Customers include local independent hotels, as well as medium to large chains. BookingMate can be set-up in as little as 10 minutes allowing you to transform your website to a new sales channel with a minimum of effort. BookingMate includes a wide range of features that are typically not seen within hotel booking software that can be licensed at this price range.


"BookingMate allows us to take secure bookings all day every day." - Best Western Hotelier, UK

"...we take tens of thousands of pounds worth of secure bookings every month"
- West Ham Hotel Hotel, UK.